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Peace Insurance Group offers clients the best possible protection for all of their Life Insurance needs. Our expert staff has the knowledge to handle everything from the most simple policy to the most complicated package. Contact us to get a free estimate today.

Be a bright light in people's life by serving them, not bottom-line sales goals, and positively impact communities through charity and human action. Provide jobs and careers that empower financial freedom, personal growth, and happiness. Protect families from financial trauma caused by death or sickness help them plan for retirement, and create financial security in their lives.

Partner with great professionals that have a heart for service and work with insurance products to create financial security and peace for families all over America.  Provide leadership and training to agents to help them have prosperous, successful professional and personal lives.  Empower communities and the agents that serve them to provide for their families by means of insurance products and careers. Faithfully believe that service to others is a cornerstone of positive relationships and exemplify that through our daily actions as insurance professionals in and out of the w


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A Reputation for Excellence



I was one of Anthony's first customers, and my situation proved to be a real challenge. I had a hard time getting underwriter approval due to some health issues I have, and the process wasn't easy because of that. Yet, Anthony never gave up even once. He worked his tail off for me, well past the point at which I'm certain one of the larger insurance brokers would have just given up on me. He spent hours and hours on my case to get me the coverage I needed. He also helped my wife get coverage as well! He was polite, professional, punctual, and courteous the entire way through, and he was always available to chat when needed.

If you are looking for life insurance, I highly, highly recommend going through Anthony and Peace Insurance Group for your coverage!

Joel, WA



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