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Universal Life

You have worked hard to build your estate and take care of your family and now is the time to start thinking about leaving a Legacy. By reallocating part of your investments into a Universal Life Policy, you can automatically increase the size of your estate and maximize the money you plan on leaving to your loved ones. Your designated beneficiary will receive a guaranteed death benefit that is generally income tax-free.

Indexed Universal Life

  • Single Premium options

  • Fixed and indexed strategies, earning money for those you care about.

  • Loans or withdrawals are available if you need

  • Accelerated Death Benefit options for Terminal, Chronic, and Critical Illness

Single Premium Fixed Universal Life

  • Single Premium

  • Immediate Increase in the Size of Your Estate

  • 3.5% Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate

  • 10% penalty-free withdrawals each year after the first

  • Guaranteed Return of Premium if no loans or withdrawals are taken

  • Accelerated Death Benefit option for Terminal Illness

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