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Life Insurance 

Peace Insurance Group understands that protecting the financial security of your loved ones is of utmost importance to you. Life insurance is a great tool to provide peace in that area of your life.

Whether it be not burdening them with the costs associated with your end of life expenses, helping ensure they have adequate finances should you unexpectedly die during your earning years, or leaving them a lasting legacy, Peace Life Group offers a variety of life insurance solutions to assist you in caring for your family.

There are two types of life insurance –

Permanent Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance.


Permanent Life Insurance offers guaranteed level premiums and life insurance protection for your whole life. Permanent Insurance policies accumulate cash value tax-deferred, which can be accessed should an unexpected need arise. Among the Permanent Life Insurance products we offer are Final Expense  Whole Life, and Universal Life.


Term Life Insurance generally provides a more affordable option if you are seeking coverage for only a limited period of time. Term policies typically do not offer cash value accumulation, but some policies allow you to convert the policy to whole life after a certain amount of time should you need to do so. Peace Life Group’s Term Life Insurance products include 

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